2021 Speakers Presentations

Here are some of the presentations from Elaine’s Conference.    If the one you are looking for is not here, it’s because the speaker has not given permission for it to be downloaded 

Rotary International President, Holger Knaack
Zone 8 Rotary International Director, Jessie Harman
NZ District Governors Representative, DG 9970, Mark Yaxley
Governor Elaine – Honouring Our Past
Rotary Norfolk Island – club activities
Vicki Hill, Rotary Henderson – Waitakere Hospital Pond project
Rotary Port Vila – club activities
Dr Marie Doole – Waste Management and the Circular Economy

Rotary New Caledonia   – club activities Noumea, Noumea DB, Noumea QT 
Peter Fraher and Geoff Pownall  – Abilities Group
Surviving to Thriving
– Thamdanda Water & Sanitation Global Grant (video)
MC and ARRFC Peter Garnett  – Charity of Choice Interview
Tazmina Crisp, Rotary Whangarei South  – Everything’s Coming Up Orchids
Betsy Young  – Restoring P─źngao

President Jenny Grace, Rotary Birkenhead – Adapting to the situation
Charlie Thomas – Kure Atoll Environmental Restoration
Hannah Stoddart, NRG North Shore  – Milford Sea Bin project
Sheridan Waitai  – Te Ara Whanui- the many pathways
Rotary Youth Exchange (Hayley, Saana, Rachael, Gabe) 

Ian Riseley Past RI President, TRF Trustee – Environment, our new Area of Focus
Rotary Santo – club activities
Jackie Hinchcliffe – Give Every Child A Future
Centenary Project – Cure Kids, Rotary Birkenhead   PPT   Video 
Dr Malvindar Singh-Bain – Brain Health Sustainability
District 9970 Governor Mark Yaxley – Conference review