z old Programme


Friday 12 April  
4:00 pm Registration desk opens
5:00 pm Powhiri and Welcome by District Governor Jerry Norman
5:30 – 7:00 pm Meet and Greet


Saturday 13 April                                       
8:00 am Registration re-opens  
9:00 am Welcome/Housekeeping  
  Official Welcome RI Representative Charles Speirs (D9820)      
  District Governors Representative DG Andrew Hamilton (D9980)
  IYE Flag Parade Inbound  IYE Students
  Key Note Speaker 1 William Pike (Intro Grant)
  District Awards Governor Jerry and Fay

10:30 am  Morning Tea

11:00 am Welcome back  
  Key Note Speaker 2 Ricky Houghton
  ROMAC Story  
  National Science & Technology Forum  


1:30 pm Welcome back  
  Key Note Speaker 3 Naomi Ballantyne
  Celebrate Club Successes (4/5 club projects/ programmes) 
  IYE Inbound Students  
  Vanuatu Projects  
  District Awards Governor Jerry and Fay

3:20 pm     Saturday Programme Ends

3:30 pm     District AGM

6:30 pm – 12:00 am                   Beach Party and Dinner (Break out your 60’s beach gear)


Sunday 14 April    
9:00 am Welcome back/House Keeping  
  In Memoriam On Screen
  Key Note Speaker 4 Karim Rostami 
  Nepal Project Claire McCall
  District Awards Governor Jerry and Fay

10:45 am   Morning Tea

11:15 am Welcome back  
  District Keynote Speaker 5 Eliza McCartney
  District Awards Governor Jerry & Fay
  District Conference 2020 DGE Ian Kiernan & Jasmine
  Conference Review RI President Rep Charles Speirs
  Conference Conclusion DG Jerry Norman
12:50 pm Conference Closure/Final words MC

1:00 pm    Lunch&n